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Sweet Chilli Pickle

Rs. 450.00

Bitter Berries Sweet Chilli Pickle is closest thing to our grandmother's home made "Pahadi Mirch ka Achaar". Made using the typical Himachali Recipe with a twist, this pickle is going to ensure that your meal has an exciting edge to...

Raw Turmeric Pickle

Rs. 450.00

Turmeric is the golden herb with various health benefits. And it is being served to you in a delicious tangy pickle. Consuming raw turmeric pickle can be used to assist in treatment of diabetes, anxiety as well as to aid...

Pahadi Lingdu Pickle

Rs. 450.00

Fiddlehead Fern used in Bitter Berries Pickles is collected from 5000ft high Hills of Himachal Pradesh. These ferns are young, tender, tightly curled new shoots of fern family usually ostrich fern. The pickle is a traditional recipe and turn out...

Mushroom Pickle

Rs. 450.00

A unique and scrumptious pickle made from the choicest of Button Mushroom and High-Quality Masala/Spices with mom’s traditional recipes that have been passed down through generations. Some of the common health benefits of mushroom pickle are that it fights constipation...

Pahadi Garlic Pickle

Rs. 450.00

Bitter Berries Garlic is packed with the goodness of anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which can benefit our health in many ways. Garlic grown in the hills or Pahadi Lasun is a herb which is being used for ages now in...