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About Us


Our Story

The mission of Bitter Berries is to use top-notch, locally sourced, organic ingredients to make delicious, handcrafted products. We would be happy to share some of the benefits of the mountains with you.
But Bitter Berries is much more than just a company that processes food. Our goal is to spearhead the socio-economic transformation of the region. We have a wide selection of new products that bring the authentic spirit of Himalayan life into your home.
Ranging from classic recipes to healthy dishes with a variety of advantages that promote overall well-being! Including pickles, honey, and apple cider vinegar! by supplying wholesome health and beauty products made with various oils to nourish the body!
We aim to revive the local community's natural farming practices. Vacant fields can be found scattered across villages that originally produced all of their own food. By purchasing naturally grown goods from the people at reasonable costs, we may encourage them to plant trees and grow crops.
Quality and Fresh

What We Offer for You


Honey Vinger



Wellness Oil



Pickles & Chutneys




Pashmina Stoles


Our Philosophy

The company promotes complete transparency and relies on the wisdom of nearby farmers and mountain locals to source its seeds, grains, various ghees, and pulses in the right ways.
Aiming to deliver food products that are entirely pure, unadulterated, and little processed, the company makes sure that all pertinent information, such as ingredients, is indicated on the charming and considerate packaging. The brand is distinguished by its unwavering commitment to minimal processing. Instead of the norm, the brand produces items that are whole and full of nutrition while maintaining the highest standards for thoughtful packaging.


Client Testimonials

“Also Like the fact that I can pick my staples in the brown paper packs
and glass containers at the zero waste section, with an idea to reduce
plastic and also more convenient.” 

"I just purchased a sofa love seat from your store & I'm very impressed. 
From the time I made my purchase to having my furniture was just over 24 hours. 

"At vero so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the pain and trouble that are bound
to equal blame belongs those who their"