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Pure Handloom Ladakh Pashmina Stole in a Royal Brocade Box

Rs. 7,250.00


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Pure Handloom Pashmina - An ageless symbol of purity, class and style .

Kashmiri pashmina has been associated with luxury and is believed to be introduced in the 14th century and is considered to be the finest in the world.
The word Pashmina has been derived from the word “Pashm” which literally means soft gold or un spun wool in Persian.

In older times, Pashminas woven were so perfect and sturdy, that they would withstand the test of time and could be used for about a century, worthy of being passed on as luxurious heirlooms .

We at Bitter Berries bring to you the finest Pashmina, sustainably sourced from the animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Changthangi goat in the Ladakh Region of the Himalayan Mountains.
Theses goats are not harmed during the process of shearing .

The wool is then processed by local artisans in regions of Ladakh and Himachal on handlooms/ khaddis to weave a fine fabric which is turned into these stunning scarfs !

Adorn your wardrobes with these choc scarves and stoles bringing to you the legacy of The Himalayas