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Our Story

Our Story

When one is inspired , the inspiration comes from something that leaves one awestruck! 

The same can be said about our range of Bitter Berries products! 

We as a team were inspired by the mighty Himalayan mountains and what they had to offer to us , when we decided upon the inception of the brand! 

The Himalayas, well known for being a hidden treasure quest for a wide range of products welcomed us with open arms! 

Traveling far and wide - right from the land termed as heaven on earth - Kashmir, to the magical land of Ladakh, the mystical valleys of Spiti and the land of Gods in Himachal or to the picturesque North East! 

The conceptualization took a while with the realization of how much the mountain resources have to sustainably offer us. 

The concept of Bitter Berries aligned with maximum nourishment and health benefits being provided by bitter mountain berries was where the name came from! 

The exquisiteness and purity of everything from the mountains beckoned us to utilize the resources! We wanted to bring a range of products native to the mountains which would cater to various segments of the market! 

Ranging from health foods with traditional recipes and various benefits aimed towards general well being! Including Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey and Pickles! To providing nourishment to the body by means of giving wholesome health and beauty solutions with various oils! 

And here we are with our range of natural products which cater to people who would like to go back to nature for their regular dose of health and beauty! 

With this we hope to provide to the market a range of natural mountain based, sustainably acquired products to give you a general solution for your health and beauty requirements!