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100% Natural

No Use of GMOs and Pesticides

Sourced directly from farmers

Bitter Berries

The True Essence of Himalayas

Promoting a healthier lifestyle through 100% natural products that are created along the lines of sustainable living. Bitter Berries is the new paragon of purity and puts more focus on amplifying the use of all-natural products. It is why we have a diversified range of products that are manufactured or processed in a natural way.

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Bitter Berries


Know More About Your Favourite Brand,Bitter Berries

Created by young, conscientious individuals, the founders started Bitter Berries with the goal of promoting the traditional Himalayan heritage online. The founders pledged to improve the lives of thousands of local artisans and promised to establish a global market for them after becoming concerned about the predicament of the Himalayan artisans in their area. Bringing the world to their doorsteps was the plan.

The concept developed over time and eventually assumed the lovely shape of bringing the essence of the Himalayas to the globe by developing the brand Bitter Berries.

Bitter Berries have gained widespread acceptance as an authentic Himalayan brand over time. We turn the craftspeople of the Himalayas into micro business owners so we can pay them what they are due, increase employment in this industry by raising their earnings, and ultimately raise their standard of living. Our partners and artisans receive the highest value for their work, which empowers them and instills a sense of pride and success in them.

For those looking to buy products from the Himalayas, Bitter Berries is the place to go. We comprehend the needs of our customers and deliver beautiful, real, and authentic Himalayan goods right to their front doors.

Delivering the Greatness of
the Himalayas to You

Himalayas holds so much in its hands, from beautiful flora to nutrients filled ayurvedic herbs, from handcrafted art to Himalayan delicacies, from breathtaking views to welcoming people, the Himalayas has it all.

Bitter Berries tries to bring all of this to you by providing you with a wide range of products made from ingredients from heaven on earth and handcrafted by people living there.

How we bring nature to your home

Procuring Carefully

We use natural materials from the Himalayas to create products that are free from chemicals and preservatives. Our materials are sourced from local communities and farmers, ensuring that we get the best quality and freshness; we believe in supporting the local communities and artisans. We are well known for providing exquisite and intricate handicrafts; many of our products, like urli and terracotta candles, honey, attars, and more, are handcrafted by the local artisans of the Himalayas.

We also use traditional methods to process our ingredients for oils and vinegar with the cold press method of extraction to preserve their natural goodness and nutritional content. Our products are free from artificial colours, flavours, and fragrances that are sustainably sourced. We strive to create products that are safe for the environment and beneficial for your health.

Processing Naturally

We work with a commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming raw materials into the highest quality products. We strive to capture the spirit of the Himalayas and keep the essence of the mountains intact.

We are passionate about delivering the best quality products to our customers, and we are proud to be able to do so without compromising on the environment.

Packing Beautifully

We Use Sustainable and biodegradable materials for our products. We Also Use Reusable Containers To Reduce The Amount Of Waste Generated. We Encourage Our Customers To Reuse The Packaging Materials To Reduce The Carbon Footprint.

We take a step toward a better and sustainable future by encouraging the use of reusable and biodegradable packing material.

Delivering with Love

We at Bitter Berries work effortlessly to ensure that nothing compromises the quality of our handcrafted products. Our products are made by fine artists and are packed with love.

Striving to meet our customer's requirements, we have placed several testing phases in the process of manufacturing and packaging that helps us provide the purest form of edible products to our customers.

On the other hand, the local artisans who work with us are always willing to add an extra degree of beauty and uniqueness to their handcrafted products. And this is how we successfully bring a smile of satisfaction to the lovely faces of our customers.

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How do we exactly get our ingredients? We work with farmers throughout India to enhance their standard of living. As the word "artificial" terrifies us, we take great care to ensure that our 100% Natural food products are free of preservatives.

Processing Methods

We make an effort to ensure that our products don't include any additional artificial chemicals or preservatives. Since none of the foods we sell online has been processed, you can taste nature's unadulterated goodness. In addition, our environmentally friendly production unit coexists with nature to support environmental preservation.


All the items we deliver to you are clinically approved by experts, which defines how we uphold the highest levels of quality to guarantee consistency.