Wild Hazelnut Oil it is 100% Natural and cold pressed – Bitter Berries
Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil brings to you skin care which is 100% natural and pure like the Himalayan springs.
A replacement to the 5 products of your skin care regime, Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil will give you a  1 stop solution towards a healthy and glowing skin.
Wild growing Hazelnuts or Thangi are collected by Tribals and sustainably sourced and processed to give to you a pure elixir for your wellness
Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil has a mild nutty fragrance and does not cause any stickiness
Natures' goodness  brought to you...
The Wilderness providing to you such gentle care ...
Packed in a glass bottle and dropper for easy application and minimising waste to help our consumers be environment conscious.
Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil can be the holy grail for all your skin troubles ! Blemishes? Dark Spots? Marks? Uneven Skin? Do not hesitate to try our wonder product !
The beauty of the Natural world lies in the detaisl and those details are what we search for and bring to you !
Experience nature - The Sublime, from the Harsh, to the Beautiful ! In the comfort and safety of your home !
Be a Glow Getter with Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil
Packed a beautiful Jute Bag especially for you :)
Wild Hazelnut Oil

Wild Hazelnut Oil

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  • Known as “Thangi” in the local language, Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil found growing in the wilderness in the region bordering Chamba, Pangi, Kishtwar and Uri.
  • It is an edible oil which has a nutty flavour. It is extracted by using traditional cold pressing methods. This variety of Hazelnut is unique since it is wild grown and native to the Himalayan Region. 
  • Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil  boasts of various benefits for the skin and can be used as a moisturiser and a complete skin care regime in one bottle.
  • This oil is magic in a bottle due to its anti-inflammatory, astringent, anti- acne, anti-oxidant as well as scar healing properties. It is also the ideal oil for skin nourishment and imparting a youthful and healthy glow to your skin.
  • Bitter Berries Wild Hazelnut Oil makes your skin supple, improves blood circulation and is ideal for all skin types.